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Doing the first little post on this site about the mommy garden space made me remember that I like blogging, so, last week I went out to my friend’s garden, in Houston, to see what was happening in the life of a real urban permaculturalist . . .

Once I saw Mickey demonstrate to a group how to start a camp fire by rubbing two sticks together. He made it look easy, but, have you ever tried to do that?

. . .. IT’s hard!

Putting together a Permaculture garden on a budget requires so much resourcesfulness, you’d be assured that anyone who pulls one off is a bad ass!

And he says he didn’t even stick that sticker on the filing cabinet, he says it came that way when he picked it up off a curb from someone’s heavy trash! He brought it to his garden to help organize his beekeeping tools!

that’s BAD ASS!. . .


Permaculturalists see the world in different ways than many of us, in that they are always looking for things that they can use to better their permaculture experiments. .
IMG_9886IMG_9888 (1)

For instance, this garden bed is slowly being formed from Flowstone, Urbanite and Silica!. . . .

I started to jot down all these stone names in my book so that I could go make one, but silly me, those are just fancy terms for concrete!

Yes, recycling conrete for a garden purpose! There’s a novel idea. .


But there are more ways than one to build a garden wall!. . .


Winter here is mild, and lots of citrus! …


Kumquat, Loquat. . .


Ujukitsu!. .

You could go overboard planting citrus! It’s easy to do that here in Houston!

Papaya. . .

(the bottom one’s ripe).

It’s kind of hard to see, but if you look across the tops of these, you’ll see that every tree is different!. .


_MG_9935 (1)

Fig Tree…. It’s winter now.


Stevia plant!

It was fun to look around and see things like the end of the loofah! . . .

Here is a loofah fruit still hanging around from last season. . . (loofah is actually a goard and a vegetable!)

Once I had some loofah seeds that someone gave me, so I traded them to Mickey for a few nice planter pots and a fish bowl, and then he planted the seeds, and in a few months he brought me a box of loofah, which, I still use in my bathroom and all around my house!
Mickey is still producing loofah on this arbour that he scavenged from Levy Park when it was shutting down.

That little birdhouse- looking thingie is a goard, too!

Beauty berries! . . . the beauty berry taste is sweet and mild. Humans eat them …
_MG_9913 (1)

and hens like them, too. . .

Here’s the MONEY shot!

Have you ever tried to get a BIRD to eat out of your hand?? See, that’s one thing that you think it’s easy, but it’s hard!

Mickey has been working on his garden project for nearly 6 years now!. . .

_MG_9937 (1)IMG_9965IMG_9968 (1)_MG_9922_MG_9921_MG_9918 (1).jpg_MG_9936

There is so much work to be done, and so much that’s been done already!

It’s amazing how you manage to stay so humble, Mickey. . .
when you’re such a Star


Fruit, that is!. . .But I won’t tell anyone! Espcecially not the City. LOL!

_MG_9975IMG_9952 (2).jpg

Ducks!. . .

And a pond that Mickey’s building for them to swim in one day. (He makes it deeper every time it dries out!)


Thanks for letting me come out and learn from Inwood Eden! Or, maybe “Inward Eden!”
Hidden somehwere in Houston… I couldn’t resist making a blog story about it. I hope you liked it!!

You can find it on Facebook, and tell your permaculture friends, but don’t tell the government! Because if they knew someone was living this baddass and free, they might be upset! lol.


IMG_9957IMG_9908IMG_9958 (1)_MG_9976_MG_9940

A Tour

When you first arrive at the Mommy’s Cupboard future garden space you will notice that our work awaits us …

Planning a permaculture garden, first we must spend time observing the space before we make a design. Nature is a teacher, and finds the best ways of doing things on it’s own, so, in order to not work against it (and ourselves) we observe the ways natural energies are already interacting with our space.

IMG_9491 . . .

Listen and notice the flow of the breeze, and notice from which way the afternoon sun shines! …


There is a lovely Pecan Tree in the corner of our space, with ripe pecans this time of year! Our first sweet harvest!  . . .


There is a lovely live oak tree off the property that has a large shade-producing canopy ..

..a colorful basketball court behind!

More views …


There is much to be done. . . dreams are free!


And with hope, the sky’s the limit!. . .


Share with us in this journey toward healthy lifestyles and better eating for all!!

Have any thoughts are comments? Please post them to us! We value the insights of all our mommy and gardener friends!

Thanks for taking our online garden tour!

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